#Blogtober Day 4: Autumn Bucket List

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Hope you are all having a fab Monday. We are now 4 days into a wonderful new month – my second fave month, just behind my birthday month of course – and around this time I always see a lot of talk on social media from bloggers, friends and general posts really about all the things people want to do in Autumn. I’ve never thought about creating a seasonal bucket list before but for #Blogtober I wanted to create a reasonably achievable list. Maybe have a recap at the end of November to see how much of it I ticket off.

In no particular order here are 10 things I want to do this Autumn:

Watch Nightmare Before Christmas

Of course, one of the most seasonally appropriate things I wanna do is watch this. My Halloween and pre-Christmas fun would not be complete without this film. Loved by children and adults alike, it’s also a pretty popular choice within my family as well, especially with one of my older sisters, and we currently have a tradition in which I buy her a Nightmare Before Christmas Themed gift each year – yes, we really are that big of a fan of this Tim Burton seasonal classic.

  • Bonus challenge to myself: make it a movie night with friends or family.

Carve A Pumpkin

It seems that this is a pretty on the nose task for anyone writing an Autumn bucket list, made easy with the abundance of pumpkins in all the supermarkets.

This would be a lifetime first. Truthfully, I’ve never carved a pumpkin before so maybe I should watch a few Youtube tutorials before I start handling knifes and attempt to create a masterpiece.

I might try to visit a pumpkin patch – from the very brief Google search I did a few days ago a lot of the pumpkin patches here in the UK, or at least near me, require pre-booking so if I don’t get the chance, Morrisons should have a half way decent pumpkin for me to butcher.

Attempt To Bake

Note to Self, let’s make it edible.

This isn’t to say that I can’t cook because I’m pretty decent at savory food it’s just baking goes right over my head sometimes and I don’t really have an idea on what I want to bake, all I do know is that I want to try. A cake? A pie? Cupcakes?

If you have a food blog or some baking recommendations – drop it in the comments please!

Go On A Walk

This seems to be pretty common on a lot of the bucket lists I’ve seen floating about. This is definitely something I probably will do with friends for both safety and fun reasons.

My friends and I are debating if we can push it even further a squeeze in a hike before winter crawls along. Living up North in the UK means that there are plenty of scenic places to go for brisk autumn walks with lots of crunchy leaves. Also living up North means the weather isn’t in our favour so whether we hike or just take a stroll is still up for debate.

Try Some Seasonal Foods & Drinks

It is my mission to try some of the delicious food items that I mentioned in my #Blogtober day 2 post. For this Saturdays post I will also be looking at all the seasonal drinks available.

Battle of the Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?

If I can do the rounds on a good chunk of these then I might include a mini review later on in October.

Ghost Tour/Horror Night

Depending on whether I can book a ghost tour with only a few weeks to go to Halloween determines whether I have an activity day or a night of binge watching classic horror movies.

Do you have an all time fave horror movie? I’d love to hear your recommendations to add to my watch list!

Bonfire Night

Usually when I go out on bonfire night it is with my family and we have been to a few different places over the years. With COVID restrictions easing, I’d love to be able to enjoy bonfire night properly, wrapped up in a warm jumper & scarf with hot drinks and enjoy the fireworks basking in the warmth of a bonfire.

Have A Self Care Night In

With night-time starting earlier and less hours of sunlight, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having a miserable winter. We find ourselves missing summer and romanticizing the 2 days of sunshine that we get here in the UK but really Autumn is a beautiful season if we just give it the chance.

And the best way to do this? Relax, take some time for yourself. Readjust to the early nights and dark mornings and use this time to take care of yourself. Which is why I plan to have at least 1 weekend where I do nothing; no work (even blogging) and allow myself to exist with the pressure of being productive.

Solo Adventure

Manchester Museum

Manchester Sea Life Centre

I’m no stranger to having ‘self dates’ – times where I go for food alone or usually visit the cinema by myself. Some people find this odd but I find it incredibly relaxing. There isn’t a need for any social performance and it’s nice to treat myself for the sake of it.

This year I want to take that a little further and go on a mini solo adventure. Perhaps visit the Sea Life near me? Or explore some of the museums here in Manchester.

Read At Least One Horror Novel

I read horror novels throughout the year as it is one of my most read genres. That being said, it would be silly to make an Autumn bucket list and to miss a chance to read some of the amazing new horror fiction that is being published.

I’ll be visiting the website of other book bloggers over the next week or so to help me decide which book is the most recommended for Spooky Season 2021.

Thank you all for your comments, reading and engagement over the last few days! I’ve loved reading everyone’s #Blogtober posts – especially those of you that have also created an Autumn bucket list – it’s been amazing to read what you all want to do this year.


Em x




6 thoughts on “#Blogtober Day 4: Autumn Bucket List

  1. Back at ya 🎃
    Nightmare Before Christmas is easily one of my faves. I loved it as a kid and love it even more now as an adult.
    Do you think you and your partner will try to carve pumpkins this year? I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and try a pumpkin spice latte – gonna be sad if it tastes awful haha.

    Thank you for commenting & being supportive – much appreciated x


  2. Happy Blogtober! 🎃🍂

    I love reading bucket lists and can’t wait to read your end of month roundup to see what you ticked off!

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite seasonal movie. My partner has never carved a pumpkin either, but this year we are hoping to change that. I want to try some seasonal drinks this year as well, especially a pumpkin spiced latte, as I’ve never had one.

    Reading one horror novel sounds like a good thing to have on a seasonal bucket list; I might have to give that a try!

    Thank you for sharing your Autumn bucket list; I really enjoyed reading it! 😊🎃🍂

    Liked by 1 person

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