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Oh look at that, another non-Sunday, Sunday Book Club with Love Books Tours and Brady Moore who have provided me a free copy of his recent publication: The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants by Brady Moore in ebook format, in exchange for an honest review.

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Now before you go ahead and scroll, pause and take a moment to just appreciate this cover art.

Powerful, right?

The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants is a YA Sci-Fi novel that seems to be the start of an action packed trilogy that follows teenagers with super powers and their battle to exist without persecution.

As a person that recommends books to others, I want to mention any relevant triggers.

There is reference with the story to bullying and racism which may be triggering and/or unpleasant for certain readers.

The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants was published May 2021 through Cayelle Publishing and currently averages at 4.1 stars on Goodreads based on 22 ratings.

The synopsis reads:

There are four breeds of Clairvoyants: Kinetics who can move objects with their minds. Prophets who have involuntary visions of the future. Readers who can explore the deepest thoughts of others in an instant and Aural who can transfer their consciousness to control the bodies of others.

17-year-old Rion Green is a Kinetic, but he has no idea there are others like him. His protective mother kept them on the move, even refusing to tell him about the father he never knew. 

When an accident separates them, he finds himself on the run from a covert, militaristic force that sees his kind as wasps that have strayed into the homes of normal humanity. Suddenly engulfed within the different factions of the Clairvoyants, the boy who has neve been good at making friends must determine who to follow.

Looking at The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants in the same way I always review:

I’ll have to wish the stars farewell.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I enjoyed the concept of the types of clairvoyants and spent a lot of time thinking about which type I would want to be – if I could exist in this universe.

The jury is still out on that, unfortunately. All the options are just too good.

However, I did feel the writing style wasn’t as detailed as I would normally prefer and that affected my ability to really immerse myself into the story. I hope that we get to see Moore build on this fictional universe and allow us, the readers, to gain insight into the world that Rion (the main character) is fighting to survive in.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This might be controversial to other reviews that I’ve seen on the book tour but I actually enjoyed the pace. Usually, the first book in any series suffers massively in terms of pace and there can be sections of the story that drag on. This is not the case for The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants and we find ourselves immediately thrown into the action alongside the main character. There is a lot of suspense within the story as Rion rushes to unravel who really is the enemy?

Admittedly, with the pace being so fast this was at a cost to the world-building. This balance is a fine line for any writer to walk. I hope that in the latter parts of this trilogy that Rion and his found family are able to take some time to recoup and this will give Moore the chance to build more of his universe for the readers to enjoy.

Fear is a self inflicted wound before you even start the fight

Romance – N/A

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Romance wasn’t a central part to this story, however Moore did include a trope that always makes my heart melt – that I mentioned earlier – the found family trope.

I adore seeing this in stories and I adore seeing it in YA stories. Romantic love is not the be all and end all and writing stories with supportive friendships, with characters that reflect young people’s friendship groups is a stellar writing technique. I do hope we get to see more development to these characters as the story goes on.

And for that reason, I want to give a 4 star rating for Rion and his band of teenages who are juggling puberty, super powers and a society that wants to crush them.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pavo, Leo, Ara…and the cat.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have been super excited to read this for weeks and having The Fourth Kinetic be action packed, fast paced and unique in it’s concept allowed me to breeze through this. The writing style is a bit on the more younger side than I do like but it is a YA not a NA novel and that should be taken into consideration.

I saw Moore post that he wanted to create a story that centers a POC teen with superpowers for his son to enjoy as he grows up and I completely agree that representation is super important. I hope that there are kids growing up who can read stories like The Fourth Kinetic and see themselves in the main character.

And I believe it is no mistake that fate has brought you here

Please make sure that you visit the other book bloggers involved in the tour to see their thoughts and reviews – we all know how much it means to meet fellow bloggers, to engage and support others in the community.

I hope that you enjoyed day 5 of #Blogtober and this short, sweet and snappy book review. Until tomorrow, I’d like to leave you with my fave quote from the book:

With the stars to guide me, I’m going to find you.

Thank you Brady and Kelly, from Lovebookstours, for sending me a copy; can’t wait to see where Rion and his friends end up!

The Fourth Kinetic can be purchased on both kindle and paperback format here.


Em x




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