Movie Monday: Warm Bodies

Some spoilers

"I'm lonely, I'm lost. I mean I'm literally lost, I've never been in this part of the airport before."

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This film was recommended to me by a friend, some time back, when she was on a date and they went to watch this. She said it was 'awesome' and I should watch it. I finally got around to it (it just took me a while).

Warm Bodies released in 2013 stars Nathan Hoult, as R, and Teresa Palmer, as Julie, who are main characters and subsequent love interests.

A terrible plague has left the planet's population divided between zombies and humans. An unusual zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) sees his walking-dead brethren attacking a living woman named Julie (Teresa Palmer) and rescues her. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, and the pair embark on an unusual relationship. As their bond grows and R becomes more and more human, a chain of events unfolds that could transform the entire lifeless world.

The film is centred around a zombie apocalypse but contains some twists. It is a strange movie and, honestly, I'm not sure what I was expecting and I will admit that I was surprised. From the trailer I did prepare myself to witness a cheesy teen rom-com in a zombie setting (I wasn't disappointed, it did have its cheesy moments).

Warm Bodies took a new spin on 'zombies'. Mostly we see them depicted in cinema as aimless sloth-like, parasitic creatures or as super fast parasitic creatures – see 28 Days Later. The zombies in Warm bodies stick to the aimless, sloth-like trope yet the movie's narrator R has a few more layers to him than cinematic counterparts. The philosophical edge on the movie is a quirky concept to me. R's thoughts narrate over the movie giving us an exclusive insight into the fears and motivations of a zombie. For example, R's disgust at evolving into a 'bonie' – which is a living skeletal zombie that has no thought process  and is more zombified, if that is possible, than the others in the movie. It appears that the zombies in Warm Bodies are capable of evolving. The evolution of zombies, into Bonies, is something I haven't seen in a movie before. (if you have seen that in a movie or book do let me know in the comments!) Most zombies are turned and stay in that state forever. Through the angsty, self deprecating narration of R we receive an answer to the question of why zombies choose to eat brains. Turns out zombies like to relive life, vicariously, by eating the brains and therefore the memories of their victims.

Elements of Warm bodies brought an original twist on an overused genre which made the film bearable. Even the romance between R and Julie was a twist that I haven't seen before.

The make-up of the zombies wasn't the best. The make-up was done in a way to indicate zombie status but with attempt to add maintain some human attractiveness which isn't the purpose of a zombie. In my opinionbut for the purposes of the story line I'll let it slide, It was dark make-up on the eyes and lips as well as a pale powdery face. The bonies themselves came across as overly CGI. This all may be due to the 12A rating so gore was kept to a minimum.


One word review: onion

I should probably explain  my one word review; an onion is layered as is this film. WarmBodies is layered in the developing love story and the characters itself. Sometimes layers are a good thing but onions aren't for everyone and neither is this movie.

Stay Blessed,

Emily x

Photo credit to: Collider find their review here and Giphy.

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P.S. while watching the balcony scene it hit me! The girl is called Julie and the boy is called R. Aplay on Romeo and Juliet maybe? That would explain the love story that shouldn't be allowed to happen.

Clever play there, props for that!

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