Sunday Book Club: What am I reading right now?

Hey there!

It’s been a while since I did a Sunday Book Club so here are some links to previous Book Club Posts for you to read:

For a while now I have been attempting to work my way through my “To Read” list and have found myself torn between two books at once.

The first book is The Colour of Law by Mark Gimenez, a book I mentioned all the way back in April .

A. Scott Fenney is a Dallas corporate lawyer in the prime of his life. Raking in $750,000 a year, with a beautiful wife and an adored daughter, life could not be better. But when a rich senator’s son dies in ‘mysterious circumstances’, Fenney is asked by the federal judge to put his air-conditioned lifestyle on hold to defend the accused: a black heroin-addicted prostitute.

Scott believes in justice – but is his belief strong enough to withstand the loss of everything he holds dear – his salary, his lifestyle, his wife, his child?

I’ve been reading this book, slowly, but I’ve been reading it nonetheless. Currently on chapter 6 and I find The Colour of Law to be a slow burner but I know it’s heading somewhere good. The story looks at legal prejudice both in and outside the courts.

Slowly but surely working my way through this

The second book that I am reading is by an author I have mentioned before – Shaun Hume. Shaun Hume is an Australian born author of three novels, including the one I am about to review. Shaun has self-published through his own indie company called “Popcorn and Rice Publishing” in 2013.

I have had the pleasure of reading one of his earlier books and I am thankful that Shaun has decided to collab with me again and forwarded more of his work to read.

Tightrope Walker is an fantasy eBook aimed at a YA or younger audience.

The synopsis reads:

It’s early days for this book so there is no commentary just yet. I am curious to see how the story develops and whether it bears any similarities to Hume’s prior novel Ewan Pendle and The White Wraith.

Thank you for reading and that’s all for this Sunday.

Stay Blessed,

Love Emily

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