General Update: Blog-a-versary


Saturday is not part of my usual posting days and it’s not a double dose of beauty this week, so you may be wondering why I’m posting today. Well, I do have the answer for you!

I’m posting today because my blog is officially a month old. 🎉🎈I know it’s not a big milestone to many but I’m proud that my little blog has come this far in only a month! I’ve managed to stick to something productive for an extended period of time. If only I could give university this amount of productivity? And whilst I’ve stayed productive, I’ve kept you ( the readers ) interested! 

I’d like to give thanks to every single person who has interacted with my blog, either through comments and likes, on social media or even those of you who know me personally and have gave kind words of encouragement. All of it is appreciated and I mean all of it.

I started this blog out of a love for books, beauty and movies and I’m so glad that my content has proved interesting for a number of you. I hope I can maintain this for longer and watch my blog continue to grow. ( as will my beauty collection and bookshelf, I hope )  

EmilySaidHello found at has seen a lot since turning one month old. It’s seen two theme revamps, thirteen blog posts, two Love Me Beauty bags and a whopping 72 likes! And I cannot forget the 16 followers who joined me along the way – big thanks to you guys – from whichever part of the globe you’re reading from.

Readers from places I’ve never been, it’s amazing.

As a general blog update there will some updates to my About page to include disclaimers and things of that nature. I intend to keep my blog and its posts transparent and authentic for you all. I shall be making this changes as I will be doing a collab with NYX soon and I have been gifted a free E-Book to review for Sunday Book Club. I am not being sponsored and all my opinions shall be my own and I want to keep to that authenticity.

In line with this I want to keep putting out consistent and quality posts and reviews and I’ve been playing around with some new ideas that I hope you will all enjoy. 

Tomorrow we have Sunday Book Club: A review on some childhood favourites. I hope you’re excited! 

Movie Monday will be my top 5 on Melissa McCarthy – a quality comedy actress!

There is so much planned for beauty Wednesday’s, in the next few weeks, including a L’Oréal Haul, Lush bath bombs and the NYX special. Any beauty addicts reading this, keep watching this space!

I’m open to recommendations, questions and anything along those lines. You can comment below or email me at: 

You can find me on social media links at the bottom of the page, go follow and say hi.

If you haven’t already, take a look at some of my previous posts:

Thanks for reading! Love, Emily.


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