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Welcome back! If you didn’t catch last Wednesday’s post then, please, go take a look as there may be some details in that post I may forget to include in this one.

Today I’ll be giving a quick review on the items from my Love Me Beauty bag (March Edit) as I’ve had the opportunity to play around with them. We’ve got two face masks, a face peel and an eye cream to discuss.

Firstly, the KoreBeauty ‘Anti-Ageing Hydrogel Face mask’img_2870

This sheet mask retails at £7.99-£9.00 on Ebay and Amazon. The masks are available to buy in a box of 5 from KoreBeauty for £35.
The hydrogel face mask contains Vitamin E, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, among other things. The KoreBeauty mask is ‘ideal’ for skin which has shown signs of the ageing process. Now as a 20-something year old you might think me a little crazy to be using anti-ageing products However…. after a quick chat with my skin care consultant at work, it is much easier to prevent ageing than to reverse it. Since then I have had more of an interest in serum, creams and masks designed for anti-ageing.

Let’s remind ourselves of the claims of this mask before I give a review:

  •  it can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • it has been shown to improve skin elasticity and moisture balance for supple and youthful-looking skin.
  • It can help with stimulating cellular repair, boosting collagen and elastin and to improve skin tone.

Now on to using the mask, let me give you guys a warning before you use this mask, there is a lot of gel – it is a very wet mask. Prior to using the mask I thought it would be similar to the Garnier Moisture Bomb mask (which happens to be one of my favorite masks).
If you have dry skin you may find this mask very hydrating, but personally I found it slippery and wet. It felt as though it sat on my skin very strangely. Overall it felt very slimy. Once the 25 minutes had passed and I removed the mask my face felt tacky.

In short I did not enjoy this mask as much as I thought. There was just far too much of the gel for the mask to sit comfortably on my face and I found myself adjusting the mask every 2-3 minutes. Neither did I notice the effect of any of the claims but that could be down to only using the mask once. The claims of the mask may be more noticeable if you buy them as a pack of 5 and use them repeatedly.

  •  For a cheaper, and better, alternative give the Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask a try.


Secondly, the Omorovicza Copper Peel. Now this item I loved! If you  remember I expressed some hesitation, in my last post, about using a face peel due to my sensitive skin but I loved it.


The product sent in my love me beauty bag was only one sample of the copper peel. The Peel retails from £50-£90 depending on the amount of tubes you wish to get – the smallest quantity being 8 tubes.

This copper peel is an award-winning product which their YouTube channel claims is the first foaming peel on the market.
The claims are:

  • polishes and smooths complexion
  • visibly reduces pore size
  • brighter, more even skin tone.

It also claims its a quick and easy application but when I followed the instructions on the back of the box it came in I was very confused. With thanks to Youtube I figured out that I wasn’t meant to massage in the copper peel paste (the blue tube) but to apply it like a generous mask all over my neck and face. You then apply the activator and Boom all the magic happens and instant foaming on your face occurs.

As the website states, this product is great for Oily skin / Blemish prone skin / Dull skin. My skin type is all of the above and when I washed away the foam I noticed that it had an immediate effect. The redness around my nose and center portion of my face had drastically reduced as had my pores! I definitely want to purchase this product again, but the price point does make me hesitant. But since testing this product I am now more interested in skin peels, in general.

Finally, in my love me beauty bag I chose 2 Caudalie products: the eye serum and the instant detox mask.


The Instant Detox Mask  retails at the price point of £22 for 75ml. I have a 15ml squeeze tube that I have used twice so far and have enough left to use for a third time!

This award-winning formula claims to:

  • Refine skin texture
  • tighten pores
  • and even complexion

and I can tell you it does exactly that. The mask goes on as somewhat creamy and dries down like a clay mask. It does, however, have a slight scent that I was not a fan off. The website claims the smell is lavender, parsley and chamomile and usually I do like those three scents but maybe combined they do not appeal to me. Nonetheless once you begin applying the mask to your face the small is no longer apparent.

I have always struggled with pores and redness but this mask has been great, combined with using the copper peel as well, the redness in my skin has calmed down. My face feels firmer, softer and cleansed.
Once I have finished using up the 15ml tube from Love Me Beauty, I will purchase a full size tube to use more often.



⇐On the left, we have the mask freshly applied to skin and on the right, we have the mask after 5 minutes; beginning to dry down.⇒


Next, we have the Caudalie ‘Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream’ in a 5ml tube. This item retails at £27.50 in a 15ml tube.

Caudalie claims that this cream will:

  • visibly alleviates dark circles
  • smooths the eye and lip contours
  • giving a refreshed, energised look.

and that this cream is Anti-wrinkle / Anti-dark circles / Fragrance-free. The last point I may disagree with, there was a slight smell but not one of a fragrance but more of a slight chemical smell. As with the mask, once you apply the product to the face, the smell is no longer apparent.

This product I have enjoyed so far in using as it gives a dewy finish and brightens the eye area. In the week that I have been testing this product I have noticed a visible reduction in the dark circles under my eyes and the skin in this area appears smoother – especially on the mornings I have to wake up early.

However, the price point for the ‘ml’ received, if you were to buy a full sized tube, can be considered up there. For those of you that can afford this, by all means, go ahead and purchase. For those of you on a budget, a student, or someone that just likes to save. I believe that the No7 ‘Early Defence eye cream‘ is extremely similar for a retail price of £13.50.

Savings tip: Every so many months, Boots gives out coupons for No7 allowing for £5 off No7 skincare and £3 off No7 Make-up. At times this coincides with the ‘3 for 2’ offer = A BARGAIN.  You could buy this eye serum for £8.50 and collect 32 advantage card points as well.  This is a fraction of the cost of the Caudalie eye serum and is a similar product in smell, consistency and dewiness.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review, I’ve enjoyed trying new skincare brands that I (as a student) wouldn’t usually be able to afford.

See ya on Sunday!

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