Sunday Book Club: The Girl on the Train


“But I did become sadder, and sadness gets boring after a while, for the sad person and for everyone around them.”

If you haven’t read (or watched) The Girl on the Train then what are you doing with your life? Okay I’m kidding, kind of, but seriously this is a book that, to me, is worth the hype. I purchased The Girl on the Train a couple months back at Morrisons for £4. (It is likely that I could be wrong on the price.) Simply to have a book to read when on the coach as well as procrastinating from Uni deadlines.

The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, is a complex psychological thriller that, for the most part, follows the narrative of a woman named Rachel on her daily train commute to work. The blurb informs us that Rachel is a people watcher during her commutes and is somewhat envious of the ‘perfect’ life she perceives others to have. However, something ‘shocking’ occurs allowing for Rachel to now become more than just “the girl on the train.” As a reader this is a dark story that keeps you on edge.

As mentioned, the story follows the narrative of commuter Rachel but also follows the narrative of two other women: Anna and Megan.

This book deals with themes of adultery, betrayal and alcoholism. The Girl on the Train is a thoughtfully pieced together book that masterfully builds suspense. Once finished, I found myself talking about this book to anyone that would listen.

Paula Hawkins did an incredible job in creating The Girl on the Train. Its a book that you just don’t want to put down until you’ve finished.

One word review: Captivating

Rating: 4.5/5


Em x


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