Sunday Book Club: 20p Book Review 

No spoilers…

You may, or may not, remember that a month or so ago I purchased a book for 20p. Yes, that’s right 20p, bargain I know! If you are interested in reading my blog post on purchasing this, click here. After a busy couple of months I finally managed to read the books and I’m ready to review.

The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby poses the tag line:

You live for love, but would you die for it?

I remember havin preconceptions about the books theme and potential story line but blimey wasn’t I wrong and pleasantly so.

The blurb reads:

‘Mark Nelson, a young police officer, has been assigned to the team of John Mercer – a legend in the force. It’s a huge opportunity and Mark is determined to make the most of it. But, when a tortured and burnt corpse is discovered on his first day, he has to hit the ground running. The evidence points to a man known as the 50/50 killer – a sophisticated and meticulous serial killer who stalks young couples, subjecting them to a single night of torture and manipulation, testing and destroying the love between them. Only one of them ever survives until dawn. 
Soon afterwards, a young man is picked up by the police, brutally tortured and with his memory in tatters. He knows only that he has escaped from the woods…and that his girlfriend is still being held captive…’

The 50/50 Killer is an intense horror-thriller novel that follows the lives of Detecive Nelson and his boss John Mercer. The plot is told over a 24 hour period and as time passes the action increases. The story opens with hints of mystery about the past of the main character, Detective Nelson, but all of this is pushed to the side when, on his first day, a man is found burned to death in his own bath tub.

From here onwards the reader is exposed to mystery, suspense and horror as a killer dressed as the “devil” plots to remove love from the world. The pattern of the Killer is to abduct a couple and torture them until only one lives. The twist? It is up to the couple to decide who will live or who will sacrifice themself for love. The survivor(s) experience severe PTSD in the wake of making such a choice. The Killer is elusive and throughout the story plays a cat and mouse game with the police, mostly on a personal level against police legend John Mercer. This game has twists, turns and jaw dropping surprises along the way that leaves the reader on edge waiting to find out the outcome.

There is so much to discuss from this book but I am keen to avoid spoilers and ruining the plot for potential readers. The book is incredible and I cannot rave about this enough. Steve Mosby has a wonderful writing style that leaves the reader guessing and guessing until the very last page. The plot itself is gripping and the more you read the deeper grip the story has. This book is not a travel book; you cannot pick up and drop this. The 50/50 Killer demands to be read and finished within days – which I did. Fans of crime, horror and action will enjoy this book.

To read more of Steve Mosby’s work visit here.

Goodreads gives this book a review of 3.69 stars out of 5, based on 991 ratings. 

500 Reasons why I love you

Number 273: We text each other at the same time.

One word review: mind-blowing

Rating: 4/5

Hope you are all enjoying booksbeautyandmovies being back on its normal schedule.

Keep reading and I’ll be back again tomorrow,

Emily x

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