Movie Monday: Lucid Dream

No spoilers.


I haven’t done a Movie Monday in a while now but here we are ready to review another movie. 

This week we have a newly released Netflix original called Lucid Dream. You can watch the trailer here.

Lucid Dream is a Korean thriller movie that is somewhat like Taken. The movie is subtitled which may not be preferable for some viewers but I don’t mind subbed movies.

The movie is directed by Kim Joon-Sung and premiered in South Korea in February 2017 before being released worldwide via Netflix this month ( June).

The plot is simple. A father, who is a reporter, has his son kidnapped and spends three years unsuccessfully trying to find his son. Three years later he takes a chance on a new form of therapy – Lucid Dreaming – to find clues to catch his sons kidnappers.

In the most simple way this movie is the lovechild of Inception and Taken.

The plot development is slow and a bit clumsy at times. The action is spaced sporadically throughout the movie and I found my attention fading at points but the movie isn’t a total fail. The science element proved most interesting with development made on the rules of lucid dreaming and the dangerous of shared dreams.

If I’m being brutally honest I would rather a movie focus solely on Lucid dreaming and sharing dreams; which is matching brain frequencies and a dream hopping. A technique that a wheel chaired bound character uses, in this movie, for escapism. Maybe had the focus been on the science of Lucid Dream as opposed to generating a “surprise” twist then the movie may have been more engaging.

The camera techniques and visual effects, especially in the crumbling dream scene, were good as was the acting. The plot itself wasn’t strong and the development as mentioned was slow.

The film is good for a rainy day, speaking from experience, and isn’t shockingly poor but isn’t outstanding either.

To wrap it up, Lucid Dream was a box office bomb grossing $676, 598 on a $5 million budget and has a rating of 6.2/10 on IMDb.

One word review: moderate

Rating: 3/5


Em x


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