Movie Monday: The Belko Experiment  

Some spoilers

This movie Monday focuses on a new release that I saw the other day.

If you haven’t seen the trailer go take a look now

The Belko Experiment is a horror-thriller movie directed by Greg McLean who has directed Wolf Creek and Rogue. This movie is a recent release in the U.K. but currently has a bunch of low ratings.

  • Rotten Tomatoes: 49%
  • Empire: 3/5
  • IMDb: 6.4/10

I am very shocked at these ratings as I did enjoy this movie.

The Belko Experiment opens as a normal day at the office for most of the American workers, despite all the Colombian workers being sent home that same morning.

Weird right? Well you would think so yet most of the Belko workers turn a blind eye.  What is also weird is that everyone that works there doesn’t really seem to understand what Belko does as a non-profit company. 

During the opening scenes you get a glimpse at the office life and some of the relationships present – those that are romantic, platonic and those that are more than a little creepy. Then comes the plot. The office is shut down from bottom to top, window and door, by an incredibly indestructible metal system. From this moment onward mayhem commences… 

The 80 or so, Belko Industries workers left are informed by a voice via the tannoy, that a number colleagues must die or they will kill double that amount. Naturally the staff, for the most part, ignore the order and push it off as a prank.

But, as you can imagine this is not a prank and [spoiler] a whole bunch of people end up dying.

How do they die? I hear you ask. Plot twist: once you become an employee at Belko a tracker is implanted into your neck to protect you should you be a victim of human trafficking.

Which apparently never struck anyone as weird when they signed up for the job.

Moving on from that insanity, these aren’t trackers but bombs and the unknown voice is able to explode the workers heads if they do not follow orders. Now with a bunch of people dead comes the panic, betrayal and a bunch of gore and violent deaths.

Note: if you are not a fan of gore this may not be for you. In all honesty, I am not gore fanatic and there were defo scenes where I flinched and had to look away. 

Despite the gore, you still find yourself following the plot and being thrilled along the way, like a thriller should do. I was on the edge of my seat for some points of this movie. You can’t predict who is going to die and live and you will find yourself rooting for some characters more than others.

Hated this guy. Such a creep.

I am trying to refrain from disclosing the whole plot because that’s not the point of a review. The violence pans out until we have winner of the “game” which, as the movies closes, we find out is not a game but a sadistic experiment that has been happening across what I presume to be the American continent but could be a global experiment.

You, the viewer, are left on a cliffhanger wondering what the new unknown means when they say.

Stage one complete… stage two will now commence

I expect a sequel in the making but considering such low ratings i fear that this may not be the case.

I actually enjoyed this movie. It was refreshing. Not the new typical horrros of haunted dolls and houses but a film with a plot even if there was more gore that I imagined. This hooks you and thrills just like it should for its genre. The violence did become OTT at points and some parts were predictable but other parts, some character deaths, were shocking.

I enjoyed this movie massive amounts and left the cinema with a face like:

One word review: intense

Rating: 4/5


Em x


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