Sunday Book Club: Skin and Bone

NO SPOILERS, but trigger warnings…

I lit the fire, but I didn’t kill that Penfold bitch.

Hey Guys, back again! I’m sorry I missed Wednesday’s beauty post as I was working on submitting, and finishing, my final undergrad essay for uni. I’m sure you can forgive me and I’ll double the dosage of beauty posts this week to compensate.

Here we are again, third Sunday Book Club, if you missed week one and two please do go and take a look. This Sunday we have another book review of another crime book!

Skin and Bone by Kathryn Fox. I purchased this book I believe a couple of years ago, maybe more, from a local charity shop. If you read last week’s Sunday Book Club you will know that I’m a sucker for cheap books and I love buying books for £2.00 or better yet, 3 for a £1.00! Almost all of the books present on my bookshelf come from charity shops. 

The summary is:

‘The corpse of a young woman is found bludgeoned, frozen and burnt to death. Then the post-mortem reveals that she recently gave birth and evidence suggests the baby may still be alive.

Detective Kate Farrer must find the missing newborn if it’s going to have any chance of surviving and catch the dead woman’s murderer before her own personal demons overwhelm her…’

Typically at this point in my review I would begin to discuss, briefly, the content of the book but I don’t think I can do so without disclosing a majority or all of the plot! The blurb gives a perfect description of the content held within this book.

Skin and Bone, follows Detective Kate Farrer in her return to work after a traumatic experience that isn’t divulged within this book. This confused me somewhat as I felt the experience of the protagonist prior to this story had relevance, however, it wasn’t until I finished this book that I discovered it is #3 in something akin to a series as opposed to a stand alone book.

Kathryn Fox published Skin and Bone as #3 in Dr Anya Crichton series, coincidentally Dr Anya does not appear in this book. Books one and two in this series are called Malicious Intent and Without Consent. The Dr Anya Crichton series goes up to #7 from what I can find on GoodReads. 

Let me just add all of those books on my to read list.

Despite the absence of detail on the protagonist’s past, what does appear in this book is the realism of working in the force and the PTSD that comes with this line of work. Detective Kate Farrer returns to her line of duty faced with a hard-to-crack homicide – the search for a baby and a missing girl from an important family.

Kathryn Fox‘s writing is a slow burner. The plot is slow building but clues are left for the reader to pick up on and solve the mystery in line with the protagonist and her partner but sometimes, if you’re anything like me, these clues can fly right over your head until 2/3 of the way in. While I do have to say it took me a while to nestle myself in between the pages of the story as it didn’t not hook me in within the first chapter, I can admit that once hooked in, that was it GAME OVER. I finished the remainder of the book by the end of the night.

Skin and Bone averages at 3.75 out of 5 stars based on 616 ratings on Goodreads and I would recommend this for readers who enjoy crime novels, solving mysteries and may already be a fan of Kathryn Fox. 

She hoped the little boy would continue to be a survivor 

One word review: enjoyable
Rating: 4/5

Lastly, but by no means least, Trigger warnings: There is reference to sexual assault which may make some readers uncomfortable


Em x


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