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Hey! Welcome back, or perhaps just a welcome if you are new to my website (EmilySaidHello)

In a post from earlier this year and over on my About page, I previously went into some brief details about my decision to re-brand my website after taking a small hiatus that morphed into almost a two year absence. This year, EmilySaidHello underwent a soft reboot, sporadic post scheduling and a fair few teething issues when altering the site’s appearance and functionality. With that all out of the way, I felt ready for a challenge. I was ready to create content and push my love of writing out of it’s comfort zone.

Queue the month of October AKA: Start of Autumn, AKA Halloween, AKA Spooky Season and I hear, also affectionately known as Blog-tober.

Talk about divine timing.

What Is Blogtober?

Blog-tober, is an annual, global writing challenge that has been happening for years within the blogging community that has one very simple premise.

You must post every single day in October. Every single day. No skipping, no avoiding and certainly no take backs. Blog-tober is all about taking your blog to the next level and best of all?

Blog-tober is whatever you make it. No, really it is.

There is no universal schedule that is followed by all bloggers, as every blogger is unique and not all of us are going to write about the same topics. There is an understanding that posts that become live during Blog-tober do relate to all things Autumnal but this is a preference and not a decree. Imagine the flop that Blog-tober would be if we all had the same 30 topics to work from and would become decidedly dull for all those lovely readers who keep us writers going.

Here at EmilySaidHello I now consider my website to be a place that I can discuss books, beauty and occasionally throw in a lifestyle post. However, I’ve not posted much in the way of beauty related topics in two years and there are currently no lifestyle posts here since the reboot. In fact, as a freelance writer all of my film/tv reviews are now posted on a 3rd Party Site. This has left content pretty sparse on EmilySaidHello and for the month of October that is going to change.

Countdown To Blogtober!



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What Will Blogtober Mean To Me?

After plenty of back and forth editing, lots of stress and almost a few tears I can proudly say that I am finally happy with – and willing to share – my posting schedule for 2021’s Blog-tober that is packed with all the variety needed to keep every reader entertained.

My blog-tober was created with UK awareness days in mind and I have incorporated Black History month, Space week and National poetry day within the posting schedule.

There are 5 collaborations dotted throughout October that have replaced certain ‘themed’ days due to prior agreement. You can see 3 of the tour posters below.


Excited to use Blog-tober to challenge myself and meet some new readers and bloggers along the way.

See ya soon!


Em x


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