Movie Monday: Melissa McCarthy

Hey guys! 

I’ve done something different with this weeks movie Monday, as opposed to giving a review I’ve decided to talk about one of my favourite comedy actresses; Melissa McCarthy. 

You may have heard of here but if not you should recognise her face.

Melissa Mcarthy is a 46 year old actress married to Ben Falcone whom she has starred in a number of movies with and some of which he has directed.

  • The Heat (2013)

This is one of my all time favourite movies. Ever. Period. Ever. Period.

I can’t explain why I love this movie but what I can say is that the casting of the McCarthy and Bullock in the leading roles was genius. Heat is cop-comedy film where the two leading detectives must take down a mobster. Bullock is a FBI agent and McCarthy is a local Boston PD. 

It’s not a movie I can explain without giving away too much and running the risk of dampening the jokes. I personally find this movie hilarious and the on screen chemistry of both actresses ( non romantically) is on point. I’ve recommended this movie to anyone who would listen. There are some classic one liners in this movie that I still joke around with in conversation today.  Even aside from the hilarity, we have the plot itself. The crime plot is interesting and the secret mastermind mobster was not who I expected it to be. The movie is just great. I feel like I’m gushing but it’s all love.

“You got burned you big drunk patty”

In fact, I could fill this post with plenty of quotes and memes about this movie but in all honesty you should watch it. 

Sandra bullock as the straight laced, know-it-all, FBI that turns bad ass should be enough to make you watch the movie. If not, you should watch it for the hard faced local PD cop, with a crazy family in the search of creating her own justice, played by Melissa McCarthy.

McCarthy takes this movie from the next level and keep your eyes peeled for her husband making an appearance during the movie!

One word review: GOLD

Rating: 4.9999/5

  • Bridesmaids (2011)

This movie isn’t your usual chick flick, wedding movie. It’s about friendship, jealousy and how, excuse my language, shit that life can get. McCarthy plays only a supporting role in this movie but she is nonetheless hilarious! She plays another character that is straight to the point, no nonsense and more of a tomboy. She isn’t the typical bridesmaid and suggests a female fight club as a bachelorette party! Her no nonsense attitude provides us with some more comedy gold liners and memes. 

In all honesty, she rounds out the bridal party and adds a sense of realism to the bridal party. She supports the maid of honour in all her acts of dishonour and she becomes a friend we all want in times of need.

I’m life Annie and I’m biting you in the ass 

Go get ’em tiger

Her husband features in this movie alongside her again and she attempts to pursue him in romantic sense.

Fair warning: there’s a kinky food play scene of their leaked sex tape at the end of the movie (its hilarious, I swear).

One word review: enjoyable

Rating: 3.999/5

  • Tammy (2014)

Admittedly the film plot is poor, I know it was co written and produced by McCarthy and Falcone, her husband, but the plot is jumbled and poor. McCarthy saves the movie in my opinion. Her presence as an actress and her naturally hilarious charisma distracts the viewer from the plot. 

It’s a happy go lucky movie that follows McCarthy’s character through rough patches until she finds her own happiness and dumps her (ex) husbands ass. Her off screen husband does feature in this movie but not as a love interest but as a supervisor that treats her like crap.

Side note, she gets her revenge by stealing a bunch of food from the fast food store. 

As already mentioned the movie itself isn’t great and there isn’t a strong on screen chemistry between McCarthy and Susan Sandron when you compare it to The Heat.

One word review: ok

Rating: 3/5

  • Identity theif (2013)

Released around the same time as The Heat is Identity Theif, where McCarthy co stars with Jason Bateman. McCarthy is a serial identity theif and uses this to fund her lifestyle until one day she steals the identity of one Mr Sandy Patterson. As Patterson’s life begins to fall apart because of this he sets out, by himself, to bring this criminal to Denver to be prosecuted.  

What I love about the character McCarthy plays is the killer throat punch she gives to anyone who annoys her or even to escape.


Another thing that is great about this movie is the way in which her character is humanised. During her trip to the mall using someone else’s card, she’s laughed at by other people for beauty shopping and it’s a scene which is incredibly sad as it’s also so realistic. Shaming women who don’t fit the ideal standards of beauty happens across the board; both on and off screen. I love that in real life, McCarthy has her own plus size fashion line.

McCarthys character is a foster child who doesn’t know her own name and thereby steals others identity to avoid her own. She becomes a good guy eventually and saves the day for the real Sandy Patterson.

McCarthy takes this movie from lame to another level. She upholds the on screen chemistry between her and Bateman which without her would fail. She adds depth to a role that needed it.

One word review: surprising

Rating: 3.5/5

I hope you enjoyed movie Monday with a twist and apologises that it has posted late. 

See you guys Wednesday!

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