Movie Monday: Melissa McCarthy

Hey guys! 

I’ve done something different with this week’s Movie Monday, rather than 1 review on a singular movie, I have decided to talk about one of my favourite comedy actresses: Melissa McCarthy. 

Melissa Mcarthy is a 46 year old actress, married to director Ben Falcone. She has starred in the leading roles for a number of his movies.

The Heat (2013)

This is one of my all time favourite movies. Ever. Period. Ever. Period.

I can’t explain why I love this movie but what I can say is that the casting of the McCarthy and Bullock in the leading roles was genius. Heat is cop-comedy film where the two leading detectives must take down a mobster. Bullock is a FBI agent and McCarthy is a local Boston PD. 

It’s not a movie I can explain without giving away too much and running the risk of dampening the jokes. I personally find this movie hilarious and the on screen chemistry of both actresses is incredible. I’ve recommended this movie to anyone who will listen.

Outside of the leading comedy duo the plot is worthy in it’s own right. The reveal was not who I expected it to be. The movie is just great. I feel like I’m gushing but it’s all love.

“You got burned you big drunk patty”

I could, easily, fill this post with plenty of quotes and memes about this movie but in all honesty you should watch it. 

Sandra Bullock as the straight laced, know-it-all, FBI that turns bad ass should be enough to make you watch the movie. If not, you should watch it for the hard faced local PD cop, with a crazy family in the search of creating her own justice, played by Melissa McCarthy.

McCarthy takes this movie from the next level and keep your eyes peeled for her husband making an appearance during the movie!

One word review: GOLD

Rating: 4.9999/5

Bridesmaids (2011)

This movie isn’t your usual chick flick about a wedding. It’s about friendship, jealousy and how, excuse my language, shit life can get at times. McCarthy plays a supporting role but steals the show. Her no-nonsense attitude provides comedy gold one-liners and plenty memes. 

Her character rounds out the bridal party as she supports the maid of honour in all her acts of dishonour, becoming the friend we all want in times of need.

I’m life Annie and I’m biting you in the ass 

Go get ’em tiger

Her husband, director Falcone, features in this movie as her reluctant romantic interest – see above.

Fair warning: there’s a ‘kinky’ food play scene of their leaked sex tape at the end of the movie (its hilarious, I swear).

One word review: rib-tickling

Rating: 3.999/5

Tammy (2014)

Now hear me out, yes the plot is a little ropey but it isn’t tragic. Co-written and produced by McCarthy and Falcone, McCarthy manages to save the movie – in my opinion.

Tammy is a happy go lucky movie following McCarthy’s character through her rough patches until she finds her own happiness and dumps her (cheating) husbands ass. Her off screen husband does feature in this movie but not as a love interest instead he plays her shitty supervisor.

I think that the let-down for me was the on screen chemistry between McCarthy and Susan Sandron that is lack lustre in comparison to The Heat.

One word review: Tolerable

Rating: 3/5

Identity Thief (2013)

Released around the same time as The Heat, Identity Thief co-stars McCarthy and Bateman. She plays a con-woman who specialises in identity thief to fund her lifestyle. This falls apart when Sandy Patterson, played by Bateman, has his life fall apart due to being a victim of Identity theft. Batemen sets out to bring about his own version of justice.  

Fave thing about McCarthy’s character? Her utter willingess to throat punch whenever, where ever she decides.

MCarthy once again steals the show and really, this movie would not be as funny without her in it.

One word review: Charismatic

Rating: 3.5/5

I hope you enjoyed a different type of Movie Monday and See you guys Wednesday!


Em x


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