#Blogtober Day 8: Horror Movie Tag

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I’ve seen this tag kicking about on Youtube and WordPress overt the years. From what I can see, and credit this tag to, is The Monkey Is In who posted this on their site back in 2015, having taken these questions from Blood Bath and Beyond on YT.

What is the first horror movie you remember watching?  

Ummmm, I think it would have to be: A Nightmare on Elm Street. I must have been very young, not yet double figures in age, and was told explicitly by my Mother to go to sleep because she would be staying up late watching movies that would scare me.

Admittedly, I did fall asleep but later woke up and decided to take a peek at what she was watching and:

Ta-da! On the screen was Freddy – the literal stuff of nightmares. Safe to say, it shit me up and I learnt my lesson to listen to Mom when she says go to sleep.

I’ve, obviously, grown up since then and found a deep love and appreciation of horrors in both film and literature.

What is your favorite horror movie?

Might be cliche but I don’t care – Halloween (1978) has universal acclaim as a modern horror for a reason. My little sister was genuinely quite scared of this when she was younger; simply playing the creepy music would set her off.

I’m not sure if she still feels that way as an adult but irregardless, Halloween will always be one of my classic choices.

 What is your favorite horror movie genre?

Thrillers, hands down without a question. I shouldn’t need to elaborate but I will.

Slasher films bore me – sorry! – and once you’ve seen one, I feel like you’ve seen them all.

Comedy horrors are okay, not bad but not really outstanding.

For me, thriller is where I thrive. I want to be dragged to the edge of my seat, I enjoy the red herring moments and the suspense. A good thriller, to me, is unbeatable.

What genre scares you the most?

Paranormal horror gets to me a lot – the same can be said for paranormal fiction. I think it’s the concept of possession, ghosts and hauntings. I am both enthralled and creeped out.

If done well, paranormal horrors are exceptionally good at getting all viewers the right level of scared.

What is the last horror movie you watched that actually scared you?

I couldn’t tell you. It’s been such a long time since any of the recent horror movies have left me with a scared feeling 😦

[Although for those of you reading this, if you have a recent horror movie that has given you that scared feeling, drop a comment with rec!]

Who is your ultimate scream queen?

I think top 3 would be:

  1. Jamie Lee Curtis
  2. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  3. Emma Roberts

What’s a concept that you’d like to see in horror?    

I think I’d like to see a successful transition of a Lovecraftian fiction to movie – I want to see if an existential horror could be done successfully and give me the creeps, in the way that I want.

What is your favorite on screen kill?

Take your pick of kills from the Final Destination franchise.

Tell me, can you see a sunbed without thinking of that scene? No, me either.

What’s your favorite horror franchise?

Halloween, duh.

Nightmare on Elm Street is a close second though.

Who’s your favorite horror director?

If we are talking classics then Terence Fisher who directed a lot of Hammer Horrors and who is credited for the fame awarded to Christopher Lee.

Despite passing away in 2015, I think Wes Craven is an incredible director who has an incredible list of titles credited to him.

Ahh this was so much fun – I hope that you all enjoyed reading this as I did answering them. If you are reading this and have found yourself answering along to these questions, then take the Horror Tag on yourself! If not now, in Spooky Season, then when?


Em x




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