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This following blog post is so overdue! I am aware it is the 1st of August and I am about to discuss last month's Love Me Beauty Bag but as mentioned in a previous post, I've been busy the last month and didn't have the time to write. Click here to read about what I have been up to the last month.

  • Editing Note: I'm such a donut, this blog post has been written and stored in my drafts ready to go live @ 6pm GMT but like a muppet I didn't schedule the post.

So here it goes, a review on my love me Beauty Bag from July.

As usual I shall give a small overview of what Love Me Beauty is. Love Me Beautyis a monthly subscription service where, unlike its competitors, you get to choose the items that enter your bag. This removes the possibility of dissipating products or poor shade matches etc. the way Love Me Beauty works is that each month you are given 60 credits to choose items with, each item can be worth anywhere from 5-30 credits. You can additionally buy "add on credits" if you want more items than the standard 60 credit allowance give.

If you wish to have some extra credits for FREE use my code: EMILY1626242

If you are interested in what range of products Love Me Beauty provides take a look at my previous blog posts:

The July Edit was called the #VacationVibes Edit and had some stunning pieces to choose from. I have been very impressed by the improvements of the Love Me Beauty Services and this month's bag really showcases that.

I over spent my credits and used add on credits to buy some more items – I couldn't resist guys, the were to good to miss!

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Mask 15 credits

These innovative gel eye masks combine expertise in bio-cellulose technology (acts like a second skin) with our unique dragon's blood complex to intensely hydrate and moisturise the delicate eye area with our unique dragon's blood complex with an immediate de-puff effect.

This item, out of all the items in the bag, surprised me the most. I wasn't expecting much from this mask but after I did some research and saw the price tag, my perception did change. This eye mask retails for £6 for a singe eye mask up to £39 for 8-10 masks.

Before this I had never heard of Rodial but I had heard of companies labelling items as "dragons blood" which did pique my interest. Dragons Blood is resin from tree sap, specifically the Croton Lecheri tree, that many companies claim is amazing for the skin. They are right. Prior to using this mask I have used eye serums to keep the skin fresh, hydrating and to keep ahead of the skin ageing game. I do use masks somewhat regularly but never specific eye masks. After using this Rodial eye mask, I may be a changed person. The mask went on – admittedly with some difficulty as there are a number of layers to remove before you access the mask itself.

The mask is extremely delicate due to it being made from "bio cellulose technology" which in simple terms mimics skin cells to improve puffiness and restore hydration. The eye mask is designed to be left on for 20-30 minutes and there is additional serum left in the packet that can be used to maintain the effects of the eye masks for up to 2-3 extra days.

After 30 minutes the mask had almost become a second layer to my skin and had visibly reduced my puffiness and made my under eye area feel super hydrated and smooth.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads 5 pads5 Credits

I've been eyeing these cleansing pads for a long time whilst at work so this was a great opportunity for me to test them before buying 60 pads for the retail price of £13.49.

I am not completely sold. The pads are infused with glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid to both retexture and moisturise skin. The pads are applied to cleansed skin once or twice a day to reveal "brighter and smoother" skin. In all honesty I saw no difference which was saddening as I expected to see some difference. This being said I may not give up on these cleansing pads just yet! It may be that I only had 5 pads to use which is 2-5 days depending on whether you use them once or twice a day. This isn't enough time for the acid to begin its effects.

NailsInc 14ml Nail Polish x 2 – 25 credits

I got both Claremont Street and Spring Gardens ( pictured above). There were a number of other colours to choose from but these were far more appealing to me – a minty green colour and a summer peach.

I have tried both colours out and they both last a long time and the colour payoff is stunning. I cannot fault either of these nail polishes. I have been gifted nail polish from NailsInc before and they some of my favourite colours and formulas.

Each nail polish I received is full size and retail for up to £15.

Next up is the two items from EcoTools.

EcoTools Perfecting Blending duo20 credits

The only negative aspect of this item is that I missed the chance to get this item for free but oh well.

The blending duo has two sponges one large green sponge and a smaller lighter green sponge. Each sponge can be sued wet or dry but I prefer to use the smaller sponge dry to apply powder for under eye baking.

The larger sponge can be used wet but is a little softer than my liking. I prefer sponges that are a little harder – just an odd preference.

The sponge is comparable to the beauty blender original, as most sponges are. The Blending Duo retails for £7-9 depending on where you shop and at what time you shop.

The final item is from EcoTools and is the Complexion Buffing Brush – 20 Credits.

This brush ha stole my heart! For almost a year I have been a beauty blender sponge addict but the moment I tried this brush I haven't stopped using it. My make up applies effortlessly and so much quicker when compared to the sponge. The brush allows for custom coverage and is made of dense bristles that don't absorb all the product. The EcoTools complexion buffing brush works perfectly with my L'Oréal Total Cover Foundation – which I have wrote a post about before. Click here to read a review about it.

This brush retails for £7.

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I loved using the products! Today the August edit went live and it was filled with items from Kat Von D and Buxom. I can't wait for the bag to arrive.

Until Sunday Stay Blessed,

Emily x

Photo Credit to EcoTools

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