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You may remember this blog, if you have a good memory that is, I say this as in recent months I’ve let my baby blog fall to the way side. I have been busy working, sleeping and adapting to an unstable graduate lifestyle.

The last post I made was almost a month ago! (25th June) written by a dear friend of mine – Mashuda. Since then I have done a number of things like going on Holiday, well a baecation, working on NCS again, completing University and moving, almost all of, my stuff back home. I even started a second blog that requires some immediate TLC. My second blog, which I will link here, is a casual lifestyle blog. I will talk about life as a graduate and issues that I face. It’s more of a public diary to keep myself guided and motivated but hopefully a platform that may be useful to someone else who may be in the same boat.

The following content isn’t based much on books, beauty or movies but this Sunday I will be back to my normal posting schedule.

If you follow me on my social media you may have been witness to my journey this last month. If you’ve haven’t got me on social media, keep reading I shall attach links at the end.

  • Devonmini vacation

It has been ages since I’ve been away from cities and taken a break. So I had a mini vacation booked to Devon. Nothing too fancy – no planes, just a long drive – just the beautiful beaches of Devon in the south of England. Pre-vacation was holiday shopping, pretty standard, and on that day i pushed myself to try something new.

Bubble Tea. I see customers come into Boots alllll the time drinking this but I was so scared to try it but oh em gee was I wrong! This stuff is delicious. I can’t explain it but if you have the chance you’ve got to try some. I recommend the green apple flavour.

Now, I’m going to insert the obligatory beach shot and a few other pictures from a trip to remember.

  • Fun fact: I finally learnt to ride a bike. At 21. Finally!

  • There was mini boat cruise, despite the weather being bad the views were amazing.

  • NCS, National Citizen Service

I may or may not have mentioned this before but during my time at university I have worked both at boots and NCS. National Citizen Service, known as NCS, is a charity based, youth programme delivered by paid volunteers like myself. I have worked as both a Community Facilitator and a Senior Mentor in my seasonal work with the provider; ‘The Challenge’. I throughly enjoy working on this programme and watching my young people grow into confident, social aware young adults is amazing.

To sum up the programme:

NCS, in Birmingham, is a 14 day programme made up of 10 days of residentials. The first 5 days are spent at an outdoor centre to promote team building, confidence and naturally, a personal challenge.
The next 5 days are spent at university accommodation where the YPs ( young people) learn independence, cooking skills and a pre-set skill. Each team (approx 5 teams on a wave, 12 kids per team) has a set skill based on the team name:

  • Sabesan: photography
  • Edwards: media
  • Perham: sport
  • Ward: business
  • Reiss/emeke: drama

Each team gets assigned a community partner to work with as they learn their skill, a partner that they will later fundraise for. Towards the end of the programme, the YPs must fundraise money for their partner, do a volunteer day and create a campaign to raise awareness for an issue of their own choosing.

NCS is an intense but fulfilling programme and I have enjoyed my last three summers working alongside some amazing members of staff and learning something new from every YP that I meet.

If you are interested in NCS, take a look at their website and keep an eye out for a more in depth blog on this programme at Day in the Life of

  • start of a 12km hike

  • mid way through hike

  • towards the end of the hike. Almost at campsite!

  • Supervising my team as they spider climb

  • Best Dressed Senior Mentor ( if I do say so myself…) This is “Dragons Den Day” the day that each team pitches to some professional in the local community for £30 to build their campaign and social action project.

  • The end result: Campaign day! The day that all the hard worked builds up to.

I’ve even been to a friends graduation party and a few other social outings.

This more or less sums up my life in the last four weeks. I’ve been busy working some long shifts at NCS, a few odd shifts at Boots and trying to look for a graduate job. Life right now is all over the place but I’m finding reasons to smile so I can’t ask for much more.

I’ve got plans on top of plans for this blog so keep with me and I shall endeavour to provide top notch content for you all.

I hope that all of you reading this have a wonderful day.

Stay Blessed,

Emily x


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