Birthday Recap 

Check me out, posting two days in a row!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended as boasting or anything of that nature, I’m discussing some gifts I received for my birthday.

You may remember, if you have a good memory and have read previous posts, that my birthday was a week or two ago – May 19th, I turned 21.

The universe even gifted me a free book:

My birthday, as it has done for many years now, fell between my exams so celebrating it proved difficult but somehow my friends, family and I managed.

Firstly, myself and my two closest friends went to Liverpool for a night out. We didn’t last long but my outfit was cute, if I do say so myself.

I had a lovely night and the heels were a dream to walk in, which is high praise coming from me because I hate heels. Heels and I are not friends but at 5’2 there are occasions I gotta just grin and bear the pain.

Now onto the gifts and things I did. To keep it short and simple ( like myself) I won’t list every present I received but just a few.

After the night out at Liverpool I received my Tarte 7 for £50, a cute bracelet and some lush bath bombs!

You can see my previous blog post on this range.

There was also a day trip to the Escape Rooms which I loved! If you’ve never heard of Escape Rooms it is a live action game where you are locked in a “themed” room for an hour and must solve the puzzle to escape – teams of 2-5.

Finally I got to spend some time with my family and have a meal and a chit chat. As I live away from home, for uni, I see my family, and my sisters, sporadically and mostly for given occasions mostly birthdays.

My mother is apparently a mind reader and got me the whole collection of The Mortal Instruments. I’ve stared watching this show on Netflix and it reminded me that I heard of this series through tumblr years ago now and I couldn’t find the books anywhere, at the time, even my library had a massive waiting list.

Shoutouts to Momma’s wrapping skills

Once I’ve finished reading The Colour of Law I hope I can start this series!

This mobile phone projector is a gift from one of my sisters and is something a little different and one I’m trying to get the hang of working.

Birthday food thanks to handmade burger Co

My oldest sister, who loves to buy beauty products even more than I do, got me a bag of beauty products.

Inside this gorgeous bag – anyone else getting beach vibes? – was eyelashes, false nails, eye lashes… you get my drift. 

Here are pictures of some of the products:

The last product is amazing and totally surprising. I’ve not heard anything about these lipkits from Barry M but oh myyyy

I won’t go into too much detail now but the formula is amazing and the colour pigment is stunning.

I loved all the presents I received and many of them will make their way onto this blog for the benefit of you, the reader. Which is why not every gift made it onto this post – if any of my family or friends read this.

I have so many posts planned for the blog the list is getting out of hand. Tomorrow we have Sunday Book Club to review a 20p book that is just, wow.

More importantly in the next few weeks of beauty I have my collab with NYX, review on The Ordinary and Harry Potter Make Up Brushes.

Stay blessed, Love Em x


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