Spend, spend, spend: New Purchases


Today’s blog post was supposed to be the May Edit of my Love Me Beauty but my bag hasn’t arrived as of yet. Problems with processing that I hope to be resolved by next week. 

In order to fill the void I’ve brought this post forward a week. Since an early pay day, Thank the Lord for student finance and bank holidays, I’ve been on something of a spending spree. So here’s me recapping my new purchases:

Boots purchases
I made a few purchases at Boots and I took a trip around Superdrug but not much caught my attention.

I purchased a new top coat and nail varnish by Barry M which was on a 2 for £7. I’m in love with the deep brown colour but I don’t currently have a picture saved in my gallery to show you all. The top coat is a plump and shine that adds a glossy sheen to your nail polish but it doesn’t prevent much in the way of chipping which sucks.

​The Eylure lashes, the new luxe range, I had high hopes for as they are advertised as giving a mink like effect. Im not speakking for the whole range, just the ones i played around with – BaubleNow if you have me on snapchat then you will be aware of my strop about these lashes. Yes they are beautiful in the box and I was uber excited to find a reason to wear them and I did.

I’ve been fair to these and played around with these lashes a few times now and I found the same problems. Unlike other Eylure lashes I’ve used in my life, the band is thick and black and they aren’t lashes you can wear without  having eyeliner on underneath and the band is not flexible or bendy. It takes a while, I found, to make the lashes bend the way i wanted. Now, I’m not an eyelash novice for the most part I find putting lashes on the most enjoyable part of make up so you can imagine my frustration. Despite this, they do look lovely when on my eyelids and once on, they stay on. Credit given where due.

Next we have a Yes To product, more specifically a Yes To Tomatoes and Charcoal pore strip anddddd well… I found the two step process somewhat unnecessary – a simple pore strip itself would be sufficient. The first step is to take the giant cotton bud, soak it in a micro-bead gel cleanser to ‘open pores’ but rather it felt like the cotton bud was a comb and I was simply scratching my face.

A sensation I do not usually experience with micro-bead products. It was uncomfortable and I was happy when I could wash it off, with warm water to keep the pores open and the nose area damp for the strip to cling to.

Step 2 is to stick on the pore strip, leave on for 10 minutes or until dry and peel off as usual. The pore strip itself was a good pore strip but far too over priced just because it was paired with a cleanser.

Now to move on to why I wont purchase this again. I know it was the pore strip that did this as I made no other changes in my skin care routine. I had 24 hours of a super soft nose with smaller pores before my nose texture switched. My nose is prone to being dry for the most part and becomes oily some day or when I’m wearing makeup. However after using this my nose became disgustingly textured, the dry patches were emphasised which affected my make up application. Not much seemed to solve this issue until I purchased a new toner which helped immediately. It’s a let down that my skin reacted badly to this as I was enjoying have smaller pores but my skin is sensitive and such is life.

The toner that I purchased is one that is talked about and, from what I’ve’ seen, rightfully so.

I dont wish to give a crazy review as with skin care products I prefer to play around with them before making a conclusion.

Speaking of skin care, this is not a new purchase but has been tried and tested. It is the wash and moisturiser by Amie skin care from my Love Me Beauty bag last month. I’ll do a dedication to this in a future skincare post.


Dr Jart’s Platinum BB Balm is not a new purchase but a repurchase. This isn’t to say I’ve use the whole product before and by this I mean that my little sister stole this product and I never got to finish it.

Despite being called a BB balm this is more a BB cream. I’m not going to say too much about this item apart from that it retails for £8 for 50 mL. I enjoy this product so much as it even suits pale princesses and I’m going to do a whole post on itself!

I have only a few more products to talk about, one of them being a make up item item but they are all from Primark.

The next item I’m not going to include swatches of as I’m so excited to try this that I’m going to include it when creating a look with the Dr Jart BB balm.

So far it seems that the colour pigment is strong or at least decent but the eyeshadows are somewhat powdery.

I purchased a cute pair of sunglasses for £2, like most British people once I see sun I get excited.

And rather than describe the next few items I bought, as they are just bits and bobs, here are pictures:


An adorable choker
Classic changing room selfie

If you have got this far, then props to you! It is unfortunate that this was not the post I wanted today but the Love Me Beauty bag review will be with you all shortly! or at least i hope so…

Until Sunday I shall be revising, as most of you reading this may be doing the same. Good Luck for those of you during exam season.

Stay safe and blessed x


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