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Hey guys, sorry this blog post is a little late. I didn’t have it scheduled like usual. Anyways, let’s dive right in.

I’ve got a one-brand themed blog post today. Recently I’ve bought a few different items from the L’Oréal brand ranging from hair products, skin care to make-up. Check out a previous Wednesday post on the new L’Oréal Colorista Range.

Most of this haul is make up, so let’s start with the one skin care item I have bought.

L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow scrub150ml – £5.99

      This face wash range is currently on offer for £3.99 in Superdrug and Boots.

        This is part of a set of 3 pure clay face washes, and one scrub, based on the L’Oréal Pure Clay mask. There are similarities between the three masks as they all include the same three ‘pure clays’. The difference lies in one added ingredient:

        – For the Detox gel wash, the added ingredient is charcoal

        – For the Purity gel wash, the added ingredient is eucalyptus 

        – For the Glow scrub, the one I will talk about, the added ingredient is Red Algae.

        I chose this face scrub as it contained microbeads and I prefer face washes that contain small beads – not larger ones. 

        The claims are:

        • Non-drying Texture
        • Transforms into a foam
        • Microbead to exfoliate and deep cleanse to reveal “glowing skin”
        • Suitable for all skin types 

        Firstly, I can imagine why this may be suitable for all skin types as it balances out my combination skin issues – Mattifying  my oily areas and so forth.

          However, saying that it can be drying if you use twice a day like specified. I find the wash itself to be fine but once I towel dry my face my skin becomes dry, uncomfortably so. I’ve solved this by using this scrub of a morning and then using a cream or foam wash in the night. See below:

          Smells lovely!

          As for the claim that the L’Oréal Scrub becomes a foam I would, for the most part disagree, you have to work up a lather as opposed to foaming. Regardless of this, I do experience a radiance after using this and as it mattifies the oily parts of my face, making make up application is easier. I have enjoyed using this face scrub for the last few months but I would add that if you suffer extreme dry skin, either avoid this scrub or use an facial oil to add hydration after usage.

          Now to start with the make up! I bought the next three items as part of a 3-for-2 offer on at Boots.


          • Enhance your skin tone with a touch of radiance
          • Silky powder
          • Pure pigments
          • Blend perfectly
          • Comes with brush and mirror

          The added mirror is handy!

          I had hoped this Blush would be similar to a coral blush I had used by Sleek Makeup. It isn’t, but it is still beautiful. It blends out beautifully and it’s a silky powder, as claimed. Whilst the swatch looks patchy and shimmery, the pigment is intense and the shimmer blends out once applied to skin and is barely visible. 

          Even if you are a pale princess, like myself, you will love this blush. Despite warm undertones it does compliment my skin tone.

          Prior to buying this mascara I had been using L.A Girl ‘Booming Lash’ mascara and it wasn’t great. It gave small length to my lashes but nothing drastic and no volume. I didn’t find it buildable so I’ve been on the hunt for a new mascara.

          I’ve never played around with fiber lash mascara so I thought I’d give this a try. I always pre-curl my lashes before applying mascara so I cannot speak on the mascaras ability to lift lashes. 

          There are two parts to the L’Oréal Mascara step 1 and 2.

          1) Is a “volumizing black primer”

          2) Is the lengthening fibers 


          Firstly, let’s be real. Step one is no primer. I’ve seen lash primers and how they look. Step 1 is simply a mascara, a black mascara that adds volume. It’s good but its no primer. Applying this mascara feels like applying two different mascaras.

          Step two claims to be lengthening fibers and there are fibers present. That claim is accurate. This mascara is 10x better than the LA Girl one I was using before. It’s a buildable mascara but do not over apply or the fibers will clump and form spider lashes.

           I do enjoy this mascara but I do want to try the baby doll mascara! 

          L: no mascara R: L’Oréal

            Now, for the last item. The one I’ve been looking forward to try is –

            For the last, oh I don’t know, 6 months I’ve been religiously using L’Oréal True Match Foundation in the shade 1.R Rose Ivory but on the second bottle it began to oxidise terribly and I went from loving to hating it.

            The Total Cover Foundation claims:

            • Flawless, full coverage base that lasts up to 24 hours
            • Covers everything from blemishes, redness and tattoos without the overload,
            • Matte Finish
            • Shine-free base.
            • No transfer

            See that last claim there, lies. All lies. Transfers on everything! It does cover blemishes but my pesky freckles still showed through as did my under eye problems. See below –

            Half& half to show coverage

            It is a strange thick texture yet applies smoothly. You have to work quickly as it does dry fast. I also find it drying on my skin despite primers and settings spray. 

            I do not use a powder with this foundation unless I mix it with another foundation. To add powder on top of this foundation makes it cakes. Which can easily happen with this foundation despite it being buildable. 

            I do like to mix either my L’Oréal true match foundation in with this one or a liquid highlight to reduce the matte finish. If you love a strong mate finish then this may be for you.

            I doubt it will cover tattoos, though I am yet to attempt this, but it’s a high medium to low full coverage foundation. The shade match is almost spot on to my neck and body but I’m three separate shade of pale( face, neck, top torso area) so a perfect shade math is almost impossible.

            This foundation does not oxidise for me but it isn’t not 24 hour wear, plus who wants to wear make up for that long. Ew…

            Above is a comparison of total cover V true match foundation. 

            A finished look with all the above make up products
            7 hours later

            Excuse the terrible selfies & I’ll be back again Sunday! Have a good week until then!


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